Friday, July 4, 2008

To Be or Not To Be....?

Dear bloggie,

Evening darling~ How are you this cooling yet warm evening? (lol) I actually had my great time at college with the barbecue and even before that, the DRAMA >_>


4th ~> Class was great... Quiz wasn't that.. Had only 12/15 which i think was ok ok la... Seeing me that i only started last night *grin*~ Then later in the evening at about 5pm, went for this American Independence Par-Te (?) which was pretty cool but before the Par-Te, there were speeches by *wind blows my sisters curtain* <~ Eh? It's REALLY cooling tonight! XD Anyway, back to speech. It was by some American guy ^_^'' don't know his name... seriously. After that was a tiny play by sean (chua), nick (someone >_>), grace (the small), fook ning (the smiley) and jojo and her friend. It was kinda screwy because there was no planning. Not very surprised since it kept changing every 5 minutes... Poor Leit had to like, "Eh wait wait wait...! Here is when you ____ and then ____ before ____," and it goes over like 6 times.

In the evening, after all the speech and stuff, we had barbecue =3 haven't had it since MaMa knows when ~ Melmel, Yvey and I end up helping the Fayette girls since they were short of hand ^_^ it was fun; helping with the food unlike buffet and the food goes all over the place. After food was talking talking and a lot of talking. A nice performance (singing) by one of my juniors from high school, Aaron... or however he spells his >_< (so sorry...!) The talking was basically on the FIRE club thingy about how to make a little more money since we lost the bunch. Better known as replacing the lost =3 Next week same time same day is the Lecturers Day... Talking about that, i MUST collect the posters at the 5th floor since the receptionist was great! "Better by monday if not she'll ask 'why only they give me now etc," LOLZAH~ so thats good! XD i'll follow her plan.

After that was another performance by sean (chua), Leit (the small) another high school junior and Aaron. Was a nice one. I didn't know sean could dance! He never did in school! After that, shaking of booty time~ I really didn't and don't get why ppl are shy to move. It's just so hard to dance. I ended up pairing with Melmel. NOTHING FURTHER. WE DANCED *full stop* you nasty readers. Was really really good~ I don't have much reason to dance at home because i want a pair to dance with... T^T daniel fails in that >_> I LOVE shaking. Wish i had the motivation to just practice! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH... Yvey, Melmel and Iylia had to just dump me at 9pm and ten minutes after they left, i followed =3 (I WAS BORED, I HAD NO PARTNER.). And now i'm after my shower typing a whole short essay about what happened. Not everything, but better than nothing =3

It's not really about the dance and all but, i received a really sad sms when i was in news reporting class which i was already not feeling well so much so that i felt like leaving for home earlier and forgetting about the Par-Te... Daniel couldn't make it just now. He was stuck playing his CS. Sometimes i don't know if the game is more important than me. But yet i know its not. He loves me more than it (or i think) but he said its his last game he'll be playing... I really wished he would come. I really wish he was here. I see couples there just now cuddling a little and holding and a little touching and i was pretty jealous. Since he came back from Miri, we didn't get much chances to sit down and really talk. We ended up cleaning up my room or he'll end up sleeping all the time. It really hurts thinking about this now but i don't wanna keep it all inside either. I don't want him to come tomorrow because i don't want him to waste his money just to come over to my place for a night and 2 days then leave. Things aren't getting any cheaper and he's not working anymore.... I really know that he misses me as well but... Sometimes i just wanna be selfish and think that i have a point in what i say as well. He insist on coming over tomorrow but i don't know what time or when. He had his finals just now and came in 2nd. He wasn't very happy about but (whatever). Right after that he said he needed a nap. He's been working hard. I don't wanna add the burden...

I'm being very frank here and i'm saying so much now that i really miss him. Sometimes i sit down and wonder what these guys are thinking. I know they're missing their other yet they're like so ego about that (i realize that my sentences today is REALLY REALLY SHORT). I want a long relaxation time with him. The hugs and kisses. Hugs are good enough for me too. The confusion cloud is so above my head now. I don't him to come over tomorrow, but i want him to come as well. I want to tell him off but, i don't have the heart to. I want to cry, but i don't wanna cry at the same time.

Does he know how i feel now?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dear bloggie,

As you can see, i'm too lazy to update. More like, I had to wait for more up going things to update. Anyway, how are you? How'r things going? Cool? Great~

Holy christ! *checks past blogs* The last i wrote was May T^T

30th May ~> Freshies and Seniors party was interesting. Met ma old primary schoolmate Sandra Lee ^_^ she's great. Good for her really. And she's in the ADP XD the world sure is small. The interesting thing today, "You look really exotic," by a senior.


4th ~> Recruitment day for the FIRE Club~ Much more students this time but mostly, not being a racist but there are a lot of Indian members this time ^_^'' There'll be a prom in November as well this year~ can't wait for it!

16th ~> Because Intro to News Reporting class, we had to be reporters to write a news article. The great title, "The newest club in college". I chose Finance and wrote a swinger XD Hope it goes well... Went for a tiny press conference today ^_^ had to meet the PR Billy and Pres. Heng to interview them~

19th ~> Met Syam to give him his box of love =3 something i can be proud of~

23rd-25th ~> Nothing special.. It's the midterm. How fun can it get?? @_@

26th ~> Kung Fu Panda movie plan canceled T^T Fucking GSC doesn't allow booking of tickets at the counter anymore.

27th ~> Conflict resolution quiz postponed to 4th July... But the assignment, no delays nothing. Must be at college to hand in by Monday. Any later and you'll risk 2 marks each day. Phish =3

28th ~> Suppose to be a "Alamanda day out with daniel" but assignment assignment...

29th ~> Ok very much fucked up. Didn't get my sleep at all. I woke up from 7am and stayed awake till 5 am WITHOUT coffee >_> stupid CR assignment.. All this time i thought i was just REPLICATE! Never EVER trust your lecturer too much! Phish again =3

30th ~> I slept at 6 woke up at 7 x_x but i manage to make lunch for college... *walks into class* ... *half zombie mode* Jason sure looked happy looking at us (most of us) half dead o_x congrats~ phish phish~ =3 had to go for both morning AND afternoon class -> 9am to 5pm in college! drats oh and the club meeting as well.


1st ~> Harts came in today... There goes good ol' Yum Yum's T^T it's like so terrible though. That means, i have to get up every morning to make lunch to college! x_x and i loved their mushroom and french onion soup WAAAAAAARGH... and daniel loved their milk shake... He didn't even get to try the last bit... Oh well. Life is just.


3rd ~> Met peepee kor and rynryn and claypot online just now ^_^ had a great time but the nonsense sure brings back memories. We drink, we talk, we fuck. Life can never get any better! XD Oh and daniew's coming over tomorrow! x3 Can't wait for him to reach college and drag him to the BBQ party at 6pm~ (his class ends at 6 as well. Hmm....). Since they mentioned that booze MIGHT be served, might as well get drunk! After the quiz =3 (CR AGAIN >_>)

nights bloggie~ i'll update by monday if i try =3

p.s. love bubu~ (LOLZAH) reply my msges or die! WAAAAAAAARGH >_>

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dream a little dream...

Dear bloggie,

I've been away for some time now haven't i? Yea.. Missing this little place as well.

15th May to 21st May ~> Not feeling really great even i was at my uncles old place helping them to pick and pack their things to move to their new place at Kemuning Utama Shah Alam from D'aman Crimson Kelana Jaya. For a condominium with only three members in the home (ah kuu, ah khim - husband and wife, and ah ma - grandma), they have as much junk as a family of 4 like mine O_o'' mostly from ah kuu's office. His LOADS of files and files and files! Be very VERY grateful these days that there's the existence of computers and their memory! He's now staying at his new place with his wife and mum in a gated semi-D~ Big big place... Not too big la but IS big =3 yet to continue the landscaping~

21st May ~> Ah kuu's b'day and was at his new place to keep ah khim and ah ma company and help them since there're still places to repair in the hse. Went there with mum since she was on her way to work~ At 6.30AM >_> *YAAAAAAAAAAAAWN* had a nap about an hour at 8 or 7 something because i was bored, and was very sleepy. Pris on the other hand was still awake. We changed shifts in the afternoon after lunch~ Which was instant noodles since ah khim didn't want to, or was it because of the workers? hm~ oh well. At night, we had our dinner at San Fransisco Pizza and ended up with b'day boy having his
iced lemon tea shared with a cockroach. This led to a nice new glass and a nice piece of moist chocolate walnut cake with ice cream~ No one made no fuss even b'day boy there for some reason. Maybe thats why he gets all the luck >_> no fair. Oh and ah khim gave me an old bottle of cheap-o perfume ^_^''' it was still full and i kinda liked the smell... so yea, she said yea sure you can have it. I used it like a coupl'a times and that was it. Yay~ Good ol' pizza~

22nd May ~> still not feeling great at home since i can't run to anywhere when there's hse chores do finish up T_T oh well... Daniel left for Miri, Sarawak on 20th May and had SOME trouble eh Daniel? Delayed his plane actually. Nothing great since the emergency was the break down of the taxi he was in. Hm... Not something you can predict. I'm so tired of everything really. No peace. I wish i was on a getaway i can relax for the holidays! College is too close around the corner and I'm close to no where to doing anything. My friends box of cards project is no where to starting. Just received the messages I'm suppose to write on this morning... Woke up late like always since i was not having enough sleep for almost a week. Or maybe a week. Never mind that. Whole big point is that i had a not close to fun holiday. Packing and unpacking was not too bad. Just a lot of work i had to do which i didn't expect at all. If i did, i might have gotten myself mentally and physically ready~ (okay that was a lie >_>)

I have to admit so much that i miss Daniel.. Although it's only the 2nd day. He told me not to cry two nights before and to be strong. Well instead of me, he shed some tears instead~ Poor bubu. I hope you kept him company there of my absence... BE a good little blue teddy okay? I love the both of you so much. I'm trying so hard to get a headphone with speakers! The one i saw at pyramid was 200 and above T_T the cheapest there was 35 bucks >_> forget plan A. I'm going to summit to get some good o' cheap-o's. They're always the best~

Holidays are almost over like i mentioned. At least something to keep me working and keeping the thought of Daniel away for several minutes works. I miss you Daniel I hope you're okay there at Miri. I'm pretty good here other than missing you and the holidays =p what? I love holidays too~

Okay, I'll see when I'll be updating this again. Not... toni... maybe tonight. I don't know. Now, weather, pls be fine. I NEED MY EVENING WALKS! I'M LIKE A WALKING- WHY IS IT ON CAPS? o_O I'm like a two legged walking pig! oh well. Will be dragging Nikolas my new found foster brother who i keep advising, Nikolas this, Nikolas that, Nikolas this again! and that~! Well, he needs help and i will help. They're basics~ Okay, I'll see you later bloggie. Bye~

p.s. Daniew =3

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Dear bloggie,

Since daniel is not going to upload anything about anything, i'll be posting mine up instead. Went through his pictures and thought maybe i would throw a few here =3 hope he doesn't scold me! >_______<

there's the nerdy-derdy piccy ^_^ then the others~ then the terrorist looking (somehow) best man ^_^''' the the naughty orange head.... mmmmmm x3 oh oh! then there's also the baju melayu daniew x3333

hehehe... i love him so much ^_^ i hope he does too >___< (he'll defiantly scold me for this sentence!)

What's wrong with me O_o suddenly posting pictures of him and me>_> oh well. Most likely my first and last nonsense like this >_<

Night bloggie! And i love you daniew =3 and miss you a lot too... I'll top up tomorrow and get one for you too k~ hope you read this bloggie~


Dear bloggie,

hey bloggie, sup? I know it's a little too early for me to blog since i'm always doing it at night. Time for a little change i suppose from my regular ol' self. currently enjoying a few songs my new foster brother gave me ^_^ one i very much enjoy is The Eagles' Hotel California. It just gives me the relaxing sea side image yet it also sounds a little sad... Oh well. Other few songs are Sara Bareilles' Love Song, Rob Thomas with Little Wonders from the 'Meet the Robinsons' and a couple of others.

It was a pretty nice morning since my dad got up about 8 today and we were in the air cond. room ^_^ It's just terrible when he gets up and start making noises when everyone is still asleep! "dadddddddy!" He was talking to mummy about football and the Man. U. won >_> whattahewl. Don't wanna bother. Anyway, got up about 9 when daddy was complaining that he was hungry...

Mummy was like, "you don't get up means no breakfast,"

Stretching, i answered her blurringly, "Oh duwan" LOL XD I just loved her reaction when i said that, "HUH?" hehehe...

Cleaned up and changed from pajama's to breakfast 'baju' *^_^''* then called mum to join us. Went to breakfast at... "Aunty Teresa's place" lol ok fine at USJ 14.

After we sent mum back, daddy had to go to the bank at Taipan to settle soemthing where else i wondered off to the hardware shop at the corner. Manage to find the glue gun i wanted yay~ And the refill as well. I thnik mel2 wanted it too. I'll show her the sample and see if she's interested.

The whole reason why i wanted to type out bloggie is because i'm feeling very guilty. For some reason, many people have spending A LOT last month and will be spending a lot this month as well. Sen Ee came that day and was complaining and telling us how much she has to spend on her kids and her house. Jin Hoe has tuition for all science subs, his teeth, his MIA watch and etcs; Not to forget dear Suet Leng or better known as Amanda Chan these days who also need to spend for tuition and her wonderful usage of correction tapes~ Not bad for a form one kid to use up 6 correction tapes which is not a very cheap brand for only ONE month~ weeeee~

Mum herself is spending so much now that she has to make new glasses for herself and dad since they haven't had a nice new one for maybe a years. Not only that but Ah Kuu is shifting to his new home and mum has to spend on new furniture as well... She took almost forever to choose a nice set (cupboard, bed, mattress, side table, dressing table) because, i would have to agree with her as well, she hasn't had the chance to choose a really good set and this is her not first but maybe the last chance to. We have Ah Jin ko ko as well who needs to spend on his college uni needs.

Ah Kuu, i don't have to mention that he's shifting to Kemuning Utama which is a semi-D and guarded~ Yea, we've been to his new house before its renovated but its on the way~ This summer, Ah Mun and i will be spending our holidays at his place ^_^ Before he shifts, i have to go over to his current place to help Ah Ma pack his shelf of books... But it's ok. Since i AM having my sem break this weekend ^_^ it'll be pretty fun to pack up anyway (to a bigger place >_>).

Oh yea i forgot about Daniel! He has to spend like all the money in the world just to have his, *ehem* projects done in a *EHEM* PROFESSIONAL way (eh daniew =3). We had a conversation where i was telling him how i would make greeting cards for my relatives or during festivals like CNY, Christmas or etc. He then commented me by saying that he has to do all his work PROFESSIONALLY. The spray glue thingy and some other materials as well. Show offffff... I was being cheeky and kept teasing him by calling him, Mr. Professional or the infamous name calling phrase i have for him *clears throat*, Mr. Professional-who-is-a-student-from-MMU-who-is-also-majoring-in-Creative Media-who-has-to-use-so-MANY-materials-to-be-PROFESSIONAL.Hehehehehe... Poor him. I just LOVE teasing him that way! XD Mmhm, so yea. He has to spend a lot as well this month since he's in his last sem as well and about to have his finals in about two weeks time.

Back to the main topic which is spending, and me being guilty. I PITY my father badly because he has to work like a donkey (no offence but it's just true) for us (family). He doesn't only pay for my mum's medical bills and medicine but her teeth which needs crowning because she WAS suppose to go but... And then Ah Mun because of her Karate, Pengakap uniform, etcs she need for school and a few other things i can't remember. Then there's my "ah maa" who's now at the Seniors Home who spends pretty much as well. Not to forget me who needs to spend for my college books, college fees. Talking about college fees, i really hate the idea of using PTPTN though... They are charging us for taking loans. Well thats normal. But those who are borrowing are rich buggers who would "accidentally" forget to pay back. This loan if for US who needs money to pay for our college fees badly. THEY have to make OUR life harder by doing this! FUCK THEM!!! What is wrong with the human species?? Fuck it.

My dad has been spending just so much last month and he just bought me the glue gun i needed to make Syam's cards... He's just not getting any younger and has to strive so hard just to pay for our expenses PLUS things nowadays are not getting any cheaper. What is wrong with the world? It's not that i can stop doing something that would save the cost! And the weather which isn't getting and colder is making things worse! We're not POOR but we just prefer to save cost by having only one air cond. in the house which is in mummy and daddy's room. When he thinks it's hot, we'll carry our pillows and blankets and pull the mattress' down and sleep together in that room.The air cond. has to run and so does the electricity bill.

I hate to see my family members suffer and to see my dad strive is worse. It hurts so badly that he works so hard and for his age which is 53 this year, he's skinny. He works so hard and rather starve for us and give us the food instead. What in this world did he do for him to suffer like this? It is just so unfair sometimes. If fact all the time. I love him so much and i feel so ungrateful sometimes. Especially now... I WILL and with all my strength that i still have will study hard and be someone when i get out of college so that he will be able to enjoy life when he gets older in the future, ONCE I GET OUT OF COLLEGE.

It's just sad that we have to work so hard nowadays just to survive in this concrete jungle; Where else some people out there would waste everything in the world without worrying that things would get rough not too long. I HATE it so much when people waste food and leave more than half or less because they don't like it or is already full. TERRIBLE HABIT! ARGHHHHH!

Thats all i have to write for now and maybe until tomorrow. Just feeling so pissed because of all these. God please protect daddy until the day he dies, for he will be strong, young at heart and be the way he is. Thank you so much God for protecting him all these time...! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Once bitten, twice shy...

Dear bloggie,

I have no intention to write anything here at first but felt like talking to someone or anyone today but everyone is either busy or they're just the wrong people. I won't post anything special tonight, just something i learned by accident. Of loving Daniel so much, i should have known better to keep my clicks to myself. The last thing that i would want to do now is to venture into his old posts before i met him; like what i did a couple of minutes ago. I didn't know i'd be this jealous when i saw him type about other girls. What more naughty bits and pieces of them (to and about). I was feeling down since the day before this week because i know that i miss him terribly and haven't had the time to be with him really close and talk to him about everything under the sun. That's, i suppose one of my very very bad habit. I love sharing with Daniel everything i know, see and listen. And when i don't, everything gets bottled up and i get all frustrated. It's not that i don't like sharing with anyone else but it's just me as a Scorp. I prefer sharing intimates with the one i really really love and it's just him. My mum has been grumpy since she was having her kidney failure. My dad never really listens anyway. Even if he does, he'll end up with a long philosophy... Which isn't something anyone would want to know >_>

Anyway, about the pass few minutes ago. I was bored and kinda upset when i found out that i was spamming and writing the unnecessary at the Gforum. I guess the only reason why i do is because i have been TOO comfortable with other forums that i spill everything about me. A very good example would be the AIC or atlantis info center. My family was there. I had Proyo as my elder sister or more like my mum ^_^''' although she was not that old. And she isn't! Then there's Alonq who was really like an along! DivineKid like a younger sister to me... Ravenmin who's my great old classmate and best friend... Kluang wasn't like my dad for god's sake! He's more like an uncle... Yea ^_^ the nice funny and jovial uncle i know. Then there's Tangerine or i call her tangy who's like a cousin because i didn't really know her that well but better than nothing. And of course Panthera Sapiens who IS my foster brother or i call, "Kor".

So back to my story i was talking about just now. Yes it was my mistake to treat somewhere I'm not familiar with as my own. My bad. But the whole point is that, i was bored, i went to the testimonial thread because i knew that Daniel was a great person at Gforum. He was and is so respected my many that sometimes i envy him (what the fuck is wrong with you O_o). I don't get that kind of respect from anyone; even my parents to be frank nor my little sister. Yea they love me, but not that kinda respect. Hoping that one day I'll get that. No one ever did say things like, "Yes i respect you" or anything related~ but what the fuck eh? I do respect myself and thats final (you jealous bitch).

I was waltzing through the posts about him and how good and great he was that was undeniable, but noticed different things instead. I knew that he was the perverted guy and so did everyone at ALL forums he went to. Eh, which guy is not anyway? ^_^'' Even my sister is XD okay okay yea. We all are in some point. So yea. Waltzing through and he was then, THEN flirting with some other girls at the forum. Kinky, very kinky words which then strike me. There went my jealousy vein, AGAIN... I never had this towards him actually. In fact told him that, "You don't have to try to make me jealous. I'll never be," Well, eat those words ya bitch! It kinda like yelled back at me >_> for some reason. Maybe i as stupid for being jealous. But i just... i don't know. I know it IS my fault. But i just hate to see it! I don't and never expect to see such things! "Oh she has WET PINK YUMMY LIPS" And that wasn't the first. Oh yea, "SEXcretary". And looks like i replaced her position! Geez who am i kidding. I just really really really really really HATE it. So much! That i am going through a pile of these! All because i was bored and felt lonely and a part of my heart was missing.. And now this.

and maybe never will >_> (you jealous bitch!)

I know he won't lie and cheat me... But if you are a women, girl, lady, what ever, sometimes it's just insane if you think he won't, but it's also insane that you think he will. I hate being a human.... @_@ I know he didn't. It was posts two years back. It's just that i still can't get over those phrases! It keeps ringing in my head! I read a few and thought, "Nah, it's just his old friends," and read funny other testimonials and i laughed about it (OH FUCK THOSE NEIGHBORS OF MINE AT THE BACK WHO ARE SCREAMING AND SHOUTING AND YELLING LIKE CRAZY APEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!! EVEN APES DON'T DO SUCH STUPID THINGSS!!!!) and when i accidentally encounter another, i just couldn't take it anymore. I suddenly HAD to burst into tears. And this is something i call my friends, 'jealousy outside the box' Thank you thank you~

Don't worry, plenty more to update on in the future days after my finals. Not very fond of them, never was. Never will. Just being same ol' Diane Shannon. Okay, off to bed now since i have nothing more to confess. Other than crying again (you cry baby!). Good night bloggie. I'll see when I'm done with this finals of mine. Oh yea and i have a party after the exams~ WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~ Hope it'll be fun! Oh and Daniel won't be tagging. He's got class >_> Booze'll be serve! Woohooo!!!!~ Night~

Friday, April 4, 2008

As busy as a bee~

Dear bloggie,

So sorry for not updating you! >_____< the only reason why was because i was a lil bee throughout march...

4th March~> Had my midterm for Principle of Interviewing and it sure feels bad... Not only that, we had to sit in the exam hall with dressing as 'Bank Customer Service Executives' (lolzah~) I was in the 3/4 sleeve blouse mum gave in pleasant blue stripes and my old cream colored skirt ^_^ Nothing special if i can remember...

8th March~> The infamous election. I wonder who I'd vote for if i could~

12th March~> Had to go to college for a short talk about Ocean Pollution by a lady from the MNS (Malaysian Nature Society) at 11am and that was it. Came home and ... *forgot* (>_>)

20th March~> Prophet Mu(/o)hd.s' = holiday = Daniel sleep-over~
21th March~> 1st day for Eng. Composition II class debate and Daniel had to tag along if not he'd be at home with mummy with nothing to do... XD so he followed and played his PSP like a lil boy ^_^'' Later after the debate, had some photo's taken by Melissa for for (fun). And these are apart of the piccies taken~ ^_^

22th March~> Had an outting with Ritha, VJ, Mel mel, Kak Iylia and Daniel. Got lost i=on the way to Mel mel's place when VJ got confused when Ritha was giving him directions ^_^'' It was a laugh if you were sitting at the back listening to the conversation... Then when we were all in the car (Ritha, Mel mel, VJ, Daniel and I), next stop, TIMES SQUARE! WOOOOOOOoooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo~~~~~~ *LOLZAH*

Had a great time having breakfast at McD then walked around and followed Mel mel to the ladies to see her get her cosplay suit on~ Oh yea! There was the ACGC thingy during that day... No wonder- ok never mind... Anyway, after that, we went walking around and ended up at the event looking at other cosplayers and gamers. And it's time for me to be more cautious since it's Daniels' interest here; and instead of him getting lost, i got lost again >_> *lamelamelamelamelamelame* Found him again at the dota "arena" and he said he was there all the time (yea yea yea).

Walked a lil more and Ritha told me that i should cosplay as well. As who? Boo from Monster Inc. ^_^'''' They asked me to hold my hair into two pony tails and took off my glasses and made me say "Boo!" They were obviously amused ^_^'''' Then to the arcade we go~~

Walked even more and wanted to go watch a movie at the IMAX theater so yea, VJ belanje XDDDD well since he's the only adult who is working! >_____< So, we all watched 10k BC~ I can't believe Daniel said it was boring! And he SLEPT there! I felt like crying when he said that... I really thought we could enjoy the movie so much... *sigh*

Walked around, again (it's TIMES square. So, we should times everything we do) and stopped at the arcade, again. At 7pm, we all had to go back liao...

26th March~> This day is like really sad and frustrated, although it was the Intercultural Night/ Day event. We, the intercul. class had about 70 over student and were divided into 13 groups which then have to represent a culture or a country to exhibit their country and perform the culture. the culture my group and i chose was the Shanghai culture. I was the leader of 7 members including me.

Daniel couldn't make it. It was his full day of classes...

Had to rush to and fro from home to college to go steam the bao's because i forgot to bring it along with me the day before i was at my member's place.

So, was finally back at college and had to change into my clothings (cheong sam) and into my makeup. Before that, the two stupid indian girls who wanted to go to sunway pyramid to go get new hair pins. Fuck you bitches. Can't you go get the items earlier?? I needed man power and you bitches had to go! FUCK you.

Yea i was angry. But i didn't wanna ruin my mood. So, i carried my bags to the ladies at the 1st floor and changed. Once done, i (hate it when everyone is staring >_>_>_>_>_>) had Mel mel (who does most of my makeup for me and she does makeup for me when she's bored ^_^''') to apply my makeup. The eyeliner was the main attraction which means it had to be obvious, long and thick because women then would make sure they were beautiful and presentable. So when applying, everyone was already looking. When i had my blood red lipstick on, everyone stared. I was good at that when i have makeup on ^_^'''

The lift was full and slow so i had to walked down and so i did. That made more ppl look at me! But i had to choice. I had to work (manage my group and things) and talk and move at the same time. STRESS.

BUT it felt pretty good when the crowd came and asked, "Can i have a picture with you?" "Is it ok if i took a picture of you?" "wait wait wait! I wanna be there(picture) too!" I was the main attraction of the culture then ^_^'' BUT (again) i enjoy it more than being a bitch to order my group members around >_>

Before my own cultures' dance, i was to help the Burmese with theirs because they lack of a few dancers. Even Ritha was in ^_^ (yay i have company~~~!) But the problem is, i had to go back early the day before and they smartly decided to add in the steps. I was already exhausted and so terribly tired, they had to add in the headache by adding steps! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! But what the fuck. I made mistakes and i wasn't guilty about it. Why? Because they didn't inform us earlier about the new steps and had to put it in. Too bad too sad.

Then we had our performance, which was a simple and gentle chinese dance (which is will post it here when i get the file >_>).

When everything was done, we had a group piccy... If you see a tiny spect in black tee and light brown pants, that'll be me. If you don't i went to change~ XD

^ I look like i'm dying in the Burmese dance... And that lady in the Mexican ponco is my lecturer, Ms Padma (who's a pain in the ass recently in all my classes with her >_>)

Ok thats all the picture i'll show. I still have more~~~

Anyway, the event was fun but i hated the indian girls very much. They're always the MIA idiots. See what'll happen in the report.

27th March~> There's the forum presentation for my group today and well it sucks. Boring... What else. It's a forum.

29th March~> Skipped the AA sports day to go visit and pray ah kong. Had a great time with great food! WOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOoooooo~~